How does our lifestyle affect our health?

Obesity is on the rise, including in children. Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent than ever. Heart disease, autoimmune disease and other chronic illnesses are becoming far too common. What is to blame for this continued increase of diseases?

We are addicted to sugar and quick, easy foods which are often high in energy and low in nutritional value. Most people cannot go a day without eating something from a box, from the freezer, or from a fast-food restaurant.

What is clean eating?

Clean eating means eating foods in their most natural state without being processed, bleached, heated or chemically changed. Think about what is in your cabinet right now. How many foods do you have on your shelves that have been there for more than a few weeks? How many foods are found in a box or wrapper? More than likely, these are processed foods. These foods greatly affect our bodies immune system, nervous system and overall health, not to mention they will most likely make you gain weight.

How to I find the right plan for me?

Everyone is different! Everyone has different nutritional needs, food preferences and body types. This is where Dr. Katie comes in.

Dr. Katie holds a Masters degree in Nutrition and Human Performance. She excels in nutritional counseling, diabetic counseling, weight management and functional nutrition. At Sherer Chiropractic Center, you will receive one on one bi-weekly nutritional counseling to help you reach your individualized goals.

Which program is right for me?


12 Week Transformation

The 12 week transformation plan is designed to strip fat and maintain muscle while teaching you the fundamentals of food combination and the importance of preparation.

This 12 week plan is $75/month. You will receive a new detailed meal plan with recipes each two weeks. Email checkins and support each week is available.

It’s all about CLEAN EATING! Change your lifestyle for the better and add years of health to your life!


Long Term Weight Loss

For those patients that need to lose more than 30 lbs or significantly reduce their blood sugar, this plan may be a better fit for you. This plan is less detailed as far as the meal plan is concerned and allows for more patient choices of foods while following a lower carb plan. Low carb diets are extremely safe and effective in lowering blood sugar, A1C and body weight. Patients will be given a detailed food list with exact measurements so there is no guess work and patient must keep a detailed food journal.

There is no contract. Pay as you go!